Shigar Community Adoption Project

Momina Cheema Foundation is launching Shigar community welfare project with the help and cooperation of the residents of the villages of Suguldo, Shigar. This community project focuses on 3 areas

1. Making Clean Water Available

2. Construction Of A Hospital Unit

3. Initiation Of An Ambulance Service


Making Clean Water Available

Unfortunately, the water in the area of Suguldo is unclean and contains silt, which has caused health concerns including diarrhea.
To counter this issue, MCF will be working towards providing clean water which will ultimately resolve larger health concerns as well.

Construction Of A Hospital Unit

With the land donated by the people of the village, we plan to establish a hospital that will offer better health facilities for the people.


Initiation Of An Ambulance Service

MCF aims to facilitate the people of Shigar by the provision of ambulance services in the near future. Keeping in view the goals of the Shigar project, donations for the hospital construction and ambulance procurement are highly appreciated and needed

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