Momina Cheema Memorial Scholarship

The Momina Cheema Foundation has reached its initial milestone of $50,000. The University of Virginia School of Law will begin awarding the $5000 scholarship annually starting 2014-2015 academic year. MCF intends to contribute no less than $100,000 to permanently establish the Momina Cheema Memorial Scholarship.

Scholarship Recipients:
Humza Salim (2014-2016)
Rami Koujah (2015-2016)
Muskan Mumtaz (2016-2018)

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Momina Cheema, AM ’08 Memorial Graduate Travel & Research Fellowship

This fellowship establishes a fund to support the travel and research to Pakistan of graduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University.

Recipients of this fellowship shall be students working on research related to Islamic law, philosophy, and/or culture. Preference for this fellowship shall be given first to students in the Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (NELC) Department studying Indo-Muslim Culture/Muslim Societies in South Asia and doing work in Pakistan, however; recipients may also be drawn from other departments in the Humanities and Social Sciences whose work relates to Islamic law, philosophy, and/or culture or whose studies in other fields bring them to do research and/or fieldwork in Pakistan.

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Scholarship Recipients:

Daniel Majchrowicz (2012)
Sadaf Jaffer and Michal Hasson (2013)



  1. Sponsor award for research or presentation at a conference on Islamic law, culture or philosophy
  2. Provide travel grants for research in Pakistan to graduate and undergraduate students nationwide
  3. Organize an annual research symposium on Islamic law, culture or philosophy




Momina Cheema Scholars Program

For the 2012-2013 school year, and in keeping with its mandate, the Momina Cheema Foundation-Pakistan has awarded scholarships to twenty three (23) bright female students who are studying law at leading universities across Pakistan. Since the inaugural scholarships, we have expanded considerably:

2012-2013: 23 students

2013-2014: 13 students

2014-2015: 17 students

2015-2016: 21 students


The University of Punjab Law College (Lahore) Sindh Muslim Law College (Karachi) and Nisa College (Sialkot) are the pioneering academic partners of the Momina Cheema Foundation. Expanding our initiatives, we have included Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) and Gomal University.

Criminal Justice System reform

The Momina Cheema Foundation is a collaborative partner with the Australia Awards Fellowship program granted to ANU College of Law lecturer Mr. Moeen Cheema.

Project goals:

           1. Bring together several organisations involved in litigation, research and public advocacy

           2. Enhance the research, advocacy, public policy and law reform oriented skills of the Fellows and the capacities of their organisations

           3. Develop a broader network of partner organisations working on criminal justice research and reform in Pakistan

Dadwali Sharif Government Girls High School

The Momina Cheema Foundation has adopted the Girls High School in Dadwali Sharif, Tehsil Wazirabad, which was in dire condition and now aims to reform and improve it to make it a model school for the rest of the nation. Thus far, MCF has:

           1. provided a pure drinking water supply after digging a deep well

           2. hired three teachers to resume 9th and 10th grade classes

           3. provided science lab equipment from government

Young Women’s Forum

The Momina Cheema Foundation organizes an annual forum to celebrate the journey of Momina Cheema Scholars to the path of leadership.

Young Women’s Forum

Women in Law: Challenges and Opportunities

Sewing Training Center

MCF establishes a sewing training center for destitute women in Dad Wali Shareef village in Pakistan.


  1. Expand Momina Cheema Scholars program to Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.
  2. Publish articles and research papers on Islamic law, culture or philosophy.
  3. Offer skill development programs such as those focusing on written and spoken English and information technology.
  4. Adopt and reform Government and Private girls schools in villages to provide free and complete education to Pakistan’s needy and destitute.

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