In your room when every night
To honor your memory the candle light
When cotton wick burn in olive oil
Like Desert Lily blooms in sandy soil
At night before fall asleep morale is low
Our heart aches and secret tears flow
Then wake up in sadness crying with tears
Crying inside in hopeless and despair
We still hear sound of your infectious laugh
Your cherished memories, your beautiful smile
Advancing knowledge and transforming lives
We remember you! and celebrate your life
With Rain of tears which I tried to hide
O Heavenly Princes you are our pride
Our little angel who dressed up as bride
Your passionate, brilliant and illuminated mind
You live through UVA Law School Scholarship
You live through Harvard’s Travel Grant Fellowship
You live through Punjab University Girl’s Leadership
You live through Village School’s Ownership
Often we speak and think your name
Your memory sustain until we meet again
Ami wear your dress and looks same
Papa hangs all your pictures in frame
You live deep inside Fareed & Saeed heart
You are always in your friends thought
We saved all your shoes and hanging cloths
Your memories our keepsake which never apart
We know that you don’t want us to cry
You are shining star in dark and blue sky
Blessed is your soul and light in your eye
You want us to believe Shaheed never die
Caring, wise and always helping hands
You are with us but no one else understand
With company of angels in Paradise & Holy Land
Sufi Momina is now in Allah’s loving hand
With Love From Ami and Papa