12.06.16 — Inauguration of MCF Scholarships in University of Balochistan, Quetta

11.30.16 — 3rd scholarship in The University of Virginia, School of Law

11.28.16 — Tayyeba Zia Cheema (Founder of Momina Cheema Foundation) visit to Punjab University Law College to discuss about the MCF Scholarships

11.16.16 — Australia Awards Fellowship for ANU College of Law’s Moeen Cheema

11.10.16 — Momina Cheema Foundation sets the scholarships at Mirpur MUST University

10.28.16 — Momina Cheema Foundation Seminar at Imperial College, Lahore

10.19.16 — Tayyeba Zia Cheema (Founder of Momina Cheema Foundation) with the Lawyers Group of Momina Cheema Foundation

07.24.16 — MCF donates cold water coolers to schools in rural areas in Pakistan

12.04.15 — MCF announces 2nd recipient of the Momina Cheema Memorial Scholarship at the UVA School of Law

11.11.15 — MCF co-sponsors the play “Legal Alien” at NYU

07.05.15Momina…ahead of the times (In Urdu)

06.08.15Momina Cheema Foundation Pakistan organizes annual Women’s seminar

06.08.15 — Momina Cheema Foundation Pakistan organized annual seminar (In Urdu)

06.07.15 — Women have introduced cultural changes in the profession of law: Justice Ayesha Malik

10.22.14 — UVA launches Momina Cheema Memorial Scholarship (In Urdu)

10.21.14 UVA School of Law awards the inaugural Momina Cheema Memorial Scholarship

09.30.14 MCF-Pakistan establishes a sewing training center for destitute women in Pakistan

6.12.14 Article by Anjum Niaz (in Urdu)

3.22.14 — Amazon donates 0.5% of every purchase you make to MCF. Click below to choose us as your charity of choice!

02.08.14 — MCF receives 501(c)(3) tax exemption

09.19.13MCF Travel Fellows complete their travels and share their stories

08.04.13 MCF completes well-digging project to provide fresh water supply to Girls’ High School in Pakistan

05.12.132013 Recipients of Momina Cheema, AM ’08 Memorial Graduate Travel and Research Fellowship

03.09.13 — Harvard University announces The Momina Cheema, AM ’08 Memorial Graduate Travel and Research Fellowship for 2013 

10.28.12PTI Chairman Imran Khan receives ‘Momina’ book

10.06.12 — Tribute to Momina from Duke University

10.03.12 –Letter of thanks from president of UVA School of Law

09.23.12 — Celebrating Momina’s 27th Birthday

07.17.12 — Sohail Warraich a Pakistani journalist, television host, analyst receives ‘Momina’ book

07.11.12 — PTI President Javed Hashmi receives ‘Momina’ book

06.29.12 — UVA School of Law plants Rose Bush in garden in memory of Momina Cheema

06.16.12 — Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif receiving ‘Momina’ book from Tayyeba Zia and Mr. Zulfiqar Ghumman

06.12.12 — Tribute to Momina by Professor Caleb Nelson

06.10.12 Young Womens Forum 2012 — MCF-Pakistan Scholarship Presentation

06.10.12 — [In Urdu] Interview of Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan & Mrs. Tayyeba ZIa

06.10.12 — ‘Momina’ Book Published in Pakistan in Urdu and English

06.10.12 — View from the US: That Sense of Possibility

06.10.12 — MCF-Pakistan hosts Young Womens Forum 2012 at Punjab University, Lahore

04.27.12 — [In Urdu] UVA School of Law memorial held for Momina Cheema

03.27.12 — Harvard student wins Pakistani fellowship for research work

01.16.12 — [In Urdu] Harvard University announces Momina Cheema Memorial Graduate Travel and Research Fellowship

08.26.11 — Family Funds Scholarship in Memory of Momina Cheema ’13

07.25.11 — Scholarship set up at a US law school in honor of a deceased Pakistani student